Monday, July 13, 2015

Mystery Monday: Johon Drezdzon/John Drezdon - Where are you from? Pueka Poland?

I have been researching my mother-in-law's family.  Her family had been spelling their last name Drezdon; records located in Milwaukee indicated a spelling of Drezdzon.  I searched back through her family tree trying to figure out when the second z was dropped.  The name seemed to change during John's lifetime 1864-1954.

I sent away for John's immigration records.  They arrived yesterday.  On his Declaration of Intent and Petition for Naturalization he states he was born in Pueka, Poland. I must admit that Polish research is something I have done before.  I thought the most logical thing would be to consult a gazetteer.  I looked in three different publications - no Pueka in Poland, Prussia, of Germany.  I am stumped.  I would welcome any ideas.

The Declaration of Intention has his name as Johon Drezdzon from Pueka, Poland. His signature is  Johon Drezdzon.

 Johon's Petition for Naturalization has his name spelled as John Drezdon. The Petition listed his actually birth date along with  the birth dates of his eight children and wife.  What a goldmine!  It also has two of his daughters married last names.  I move forward with some research and get stumped in another.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Frank and Ivana (Eva) Yurmanovich wedding day and Drvaric in-laws.

Frank Yurmanovich and Ivana (Eva) Drvaric wedding day, Mato and Marie Drvaric and their two other children Slava and Anthonius (Tony) 9 February 1929

Thursday, June 4, 2015

SCGS DNA Day and Jamboree - It's started!

Well I am all checked to the Jamboree.  I have my volunteer badge and I am ready to start my duties as room monitor for  the Digital Workshop.  The hotel has a lot of folks wandering around with their red Jamboree bags ready to learn all about DNA and attend one of the many workshops being offered.  This is the first time that the Jamboree has offered workshops.  I think it will be a worth while undertaking  for the society.

Yesterday Leslie Carney and I utilized the society library.  I  found some new leads and can not wait to do some more research.  I have to tell you the ladies at the library are awesome.  We were welcomed and helped even with the constant ringing of the telephone.  I guess the day of and the day before the Jamboree have the phone ringing with questions!  The ladies took it all in stride.  They also directed us to some nearby stores were we found lunch. I am looking forward to seeing what this day will bring.

Tomorrow will be even busier with more attendees checking in and even more opportunities to learn something new.    I am looking forward to seeing what the exhibitors have to offer.  See you there!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Can't make it to the Jamboree? Check out the free live streaming classes and the DNA Pay per View

Free live streaming for the following sessions:

Friday, June 5 

FR007: Be Prepared with a Genealogy Disaster Plan - Denise May Levenick. 
FR018: Five Tips for Successful Research in a New Location - J. H."Jay" Fonkert, CG. 
FR019: Genetic Genealogy and the Next Generation - Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD and Paul Woodbury. 
FR032: Finding and Utilizing German Church Records - Dr. Michael D. Lacopo. 

Saturday, June 6 

SA007: Google Tools and Procedures for Solving Family History Mysteries - Lisa Louise Cooke. 
SA014: Tho' They Were Poor, They May Have Been Rich in Records - Paula Stuart Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA. 
SA021: No Easy Button: Using Immersion Genealogy to Understand Your Ancestors - Lisa A. Alzo, MFA. 
SA033: Plotting, Scheming and Mapping Online - Cyndi Ingle. 
SA035: Midwestern and Plains States Level Census Records - Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA. 
SA047: Update: Google! Everything New that You Need to Know for Genealogy - Lisa Louise Cooke. 

Sunday, June 7 

SU005: Family History Adhesive: Science and Simple Tech 4 Binding Families - Janet Hovorka, MLIS. 
SU015: The Hidden Web: Digging Deeper - Cyndi Ingle. 
SU022: Who, What, When, Where? Using Journalism Techniques to Write Your Story - Anita Paul. 
SU030: Get to Know Your Geezers - Matthew Hovorka. 

You won't be bored between sessions. Videos featuring Ancestry's crackerjack training team, Crista Cowan, Juliana Szucs and Ann Mitchell, will run during Jamboree breaks and lunches. 

2015 Genetic Genealogy:  DNA Day Plus, One day Online Conference for Genetic Genealogists, Thursday, June 4, 2015.  Sessions are pay per view.  Visit DNA for specifics.