Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Rootstech Free Videos

Did you miss rootstech or did you attend and miss a few lectures?  Check out some of the free lectures that are available on line.  They can be found at  Rootstech free videos.                                 

Monday, February 16, 2015

#2015 FGS/Rootstech and 2016 FGS in Springfield Illinois

I had a wonderful time at FGS/Rootstech.  I am hoping to get to work tracking my ancestors with my new ideas as soon as possible.  I just need to get caught up in the office and with everything that has been neglected while I was away.

I have already started to work on improving our society with classes I attended FGS Society day and the Innovator Summit.   Lisa Louise Cooke did a wonderful class on marketing and it applies across the board with both the society and my personal business.

Me and Lisa Louise Cooke
I must admit to being partial to Lisa. I worked for her in the expo hall (and previously),  she is one of the best bosses a person could work for.  She also allowed me to slip away to wander the exhibit hall and to attend some classes.  She didn't even mind when I was late getting to work on Saturday (the photo op with Donny Osmond was just too great to resist).

I can't wait to attend FGS 2016 in Springfield.  Let this serve as a warning to my Illinois relatives - I will be hitting the state the last week of August and staying through the first week of September.  I will also be seeking you all out to spend some quality time with you while I troll for family records.

Friday, February 13, 2015

#FGS2015 End of day three FGS

Wow!  Completely overwhelmed and filled with new research ideas.  The day started out with Laura Bush and Jenna Hager Bush.
Laura Bush and Jenna Hager Bush
Spent the the majority of my day working for Lisa Louise Cooke - goodness that woman is the Google Goddess!  It was enjoyable talking to all her fans.  I also had the pleasure of working with Sunny Morton.  Sunny writes for Familytree, and works with Lisa Louise Cooke in many facets including the Genealogy Gems book club.
Dick Eastman Thomas MacEntee and Laurie Desmarais

I had the pleasure of sitting with many talented bloggers during Laura Bush's speech.  Some of my favorites including Lisa Louise Cooke, Amy Lenertz Coffin, Thomas MacEntee and Dick Eastman.

I did attend a class by Michael Lacopo talking about tax records.  I will be hitting the tax rolls for my hard to find ancestors asap.  I also learned that Michael has a blog called Whose your Daddy that is a must read.

Tomorrow we get to see Donny Osmond, I am a lucky lucky girl.

Amy Coffn and Lisa Louise Cooke

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FGS Society Day

Paula Stuat-Warren offered up some great ideas for affordable society seminars.  I am looking forward to putting her suggestions to work.  I was a little disappointed in the education programming topic, I was looking for something to help our society with programming ideas. Luckily I caught up with Lisa Louise Cooke in the innovator lectures to get my day back on track, she got my mind racing with ideas on how market the society.  Last lecture of the day coming up at 4 PM 'Killer YouTube Strategies for Societies" featuring once again the delightful Lisa Louise Cooke.

And we're off! FGS is off to a great start

What a bunch of of wonderful volunteers FGS has!  So great to see the awards being given to such hard working groups and individuals.

Great ideas for making our society grow.  I am looking forward to implemeneting some of the ideas that were shared.

Best of all I caught up with Cousin Russ to get my bloger beads!

Wordless Wednesday: William Skibbe and adopted daughter Violet Gollnick Skibbe Gollnick

William Skibbe and adopted daughter Violet Gollnick Skibbe Gollnick

Monday, February 9, 2015

#FGS2015 The Conference hasn't started but I have!

Leslie Carney and I spent a fun filled day researching at the Family History Library here in Salt Lake.  We are lucky to be at the same hotel as Laurie Desmarrais and Beverley Fieg!  The Arizona Girls will be hitting the town soon for dinner.  Can not wait to get back to the library.  I still have family histories ot pull and microfilm but made a huge dent today.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Join me in Salt Lake City for the FGS Conference

It almost here!!!!!  I am so excited to go to FGS and RootsTech.  I am not sure how things could possibly get any better.  Donny Osmond, Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager will be keynote speakers.  The family history library is close by.  Thousands of people that enjoy the same things I do and vendors that sell things I would love to own will be gathered at the Salt Lake Convention Center.  There will be speakers on every possible subject for societies and family history. 

There will be social events for both FGS and RootsTech.  FGS will be hosting Behind the Scenes: Family History & Television. This event will explore television and family history.  RootsTech will be hosting YouTube sensation Alex Boye and the One Voice Children’s Choir.  RootsTech will also be hosting extended hours in the Expo Hall featuring a night of culture.   The RootsTech closing event will feature David Archuleta and the cast of BYUtv’s Studio C.

Attendees need to make time to socialize with new and old friends at lunch, dinner, or in the evenings.   Salt Lake has a plethora of eating establishments to visit with your genie friends.  The Gateway hosts several restaurants.  Tucanos Brazilian Grill offers breads, fried bananas, unlimited salad and entrée selections.  The Gateway has an Applebee’s, California Pizza, Flemings, and Jason’s Deli to name a few.  The City Creek Center located within walking distance to the convention center also has a number of places to eat.  The center hosts eateries such as Brio, Jimmy John’s, Subway, Chick-fil-A, and the Blue Lemon.   The Joseph Smith Building offers the Lion House Pantry, The Garden Restaurant, The Roof Restaurant and the Nauvoo Café.  I have always enjoyed my meals at the Nauvoo Café.  The Siegfried’s Deli has a delight.  The food is out of this world. 

Take time to be a tourist in the city.  There are many historical sites to visit.  The Beehive House is close to the convention center and the Family History Library.  The home was constructed in 1854. It is located at 67 E South Temple and offers free tours.  The city also has several other historical sites such as the Kearns Mansion, the Cathedral of the Madeleine, or the Old Pioneer Fort Site. 

PS-My daughter Juliana is a great fan of Laura Bush and is dying for an autograph - anyone have an in?